Heirloom quality custom bronze wedding bells


The Tradition of the Truce Bell

While there are many cultures and traditions surrounding wedding bells and the marriage ceremony, our favorite is the Celtic tradition of the Truce Bell. In Celtic marriage traditions, every bride and groom must be given at least one wedding bell as a gift to be rung during the wedding ceremony. The ringing of the bell during the ceremony is believed to ward off evil spirits that would cause the couple harm, and is thought to capture the love and happiness of their wedding day and store it in the heart of the bell. After the ceremony, the couple will display the bell in a prominent location in their home, visible to all. When that inevitable disagreement arises, one or both of the couple may ring the bell, calling a truce to the discord without admitting fault. Upon hearing the tone of the wedding bell, the couple will be reminded of their wedding day, and the fond and happy memories of that day will bring peace and restore a happy balance to the relationship.

It is believed that a couple in possession of a Truce Bell will have a long and happy marriage.  The Bell can then be passed on to future generations as a legacy of their love and commitment to each other, becoming a valued family heirloom.

The Magic of Kissing Bells

The sweet ringing of the kissing bells entice you to share a kiss! When guests ring the kissing bells, they are sending their wishes of love and happiness to you and your groom. By sealing their wishes with a kiss, you give back a piece of your happiness to your guests that they can take home with them. Every time the bell rings, a piece of your special day will live on! Guests will treasure these kissing bells as a memorable heirloom and legacy of your wedding.

Some believe that the ringing of kissing bells as a bride walks down the aisle will bring fertility and happiness to the marriage.

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